9 giugno 2017

Conversations: SowiesoWies

Name: Wies van der Velde Age: 28 Profession: Freelance Illustrator Nationality: Dutch Favourite word: “Aandoenlijk”, it means ‘touching/moving’ in Dutch   1) I love the attention […]
3 maggio 2017

Conversations: Amber Locke – AMBA Living

Name: Amber Locke Age: 47 Profession: Designer, Photographer, Author Nationality: British Favourite word: Alacrity   1) I find it truly inspiring the way you express your love for energy-boosting raw […]
8 aprile 2017

Conversations: Byron & Gomez

Name: Charles Byron & María del Mar Gómez Age: Charles 26, Maria 29 Profession: Furniture designer-makers Nationality: British, Puerto Rican Favourite word: Maria: Guanábana (one of my […]
3 aprile 2017

Conversations: French Fred

Name: Fred Mortagne aka French Fred Age: 42 Profession: Director and Photographer Nationality: French Favourite word: Merci   1) How would you introduce yourself to a 5 y.o. child? […]
24 marzo 2017

Conversations: Dan Tom

Name: Dan Tom Age: 37 Profession: Designer/Photographer Nationality: Chinese American Favourite word: – – –   1) I love the attention to colour in your photographs. […]
2 dicembre 2016
Tell me your stories_dreweditorial

Tell me your stories: Ode to the body hair.

  “Tell me your Stories” is an overview of pictures photographed by Paolo Rutigliano and directed by Lorenzo Zavatta with body hair as a long-forgotten protagonist. The […]
25 novembre 2016

“De Flora Et Fauna” art exhibition, Bomarzo

Botanica e mondo animale. “De flora et fauna” al Palazzo Orsini di Bomarzo: piante e animali dal sentore antico in un ambiente spesso estraneo dalla contemporaneità. Per celebrare […]
22 ottobre 2016

Conversations: Sorry Sorry Town by Dustin W.

Name: Dustin Williams Age: 28 Profession: Visual Artist, Printmaker Nationality: American Favourite word: Interaction   1) What do you label yourself as? A visual artist and […]
13 agosto 2016

Conversations: Mercedes Lagunas

Name: Mercedes Age: 40’s Profession: Artist Nationality: Spaniard Favourite word: Belleza (Beauty) and Corazon (Heart)   1) Your paintings radiate warmth and vibrant positivity. Does it […]