“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller - architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor.


  • Date
    22 marzo 2017
    SERIES 08: At the North Pole, the sun does not set for six months. No more wake-ups, no more before-it-gets-darks; running on hot black coffee, coffee, coffee. Sunglasses on. The towns are silent and the roads are dead – except for the rain faintly drumming on the windscreen. Staying up all night with the midnight sun at the end of the world. Does this make us sleepwalkers? Come, Night, follow Golo @Fashion and Jacobien Van Der Kleij @WhyNot on a journey into the non-existent tomorrow. Photographed by Mattia Guolo, assisted by Alessandro Vullo. Fashion editing by Cesar Valdivieso. Film Direction by Mattia Guolo and Gianvito Cofano. Camera Operator Fulvio De Filippi. Special thanks to Giorgio Favini. Text by Alisa Nikitina.
  • Date
    6 febbraio 2017
    SERIES 07: Sweet and magic nights riddled with rhythm in the artistic portraits of gypsy fortunetellers by Francesco Bertola for DREW's winter issue dedicated to the Night-driven feelings. The stories of freedom and love as a finishing touch to fashion styling by Cesar Valdivieso with special pieces from Antonio Marras fall/winter collection for him and for her. Let’s dance in the moonlight with Shqiprim Bruti @Fashion, Marysia @Next and Gloria Panighel @Elite! Let yourself free. Beautiful and hypnotic make-up by Vanessa Geraci and hair style by Adriano Cattide for a sexy rough aesthetic.
  • Date
    18 gennaio 2017
    SERIES 06: Time goes by at the speed of life. That’s a fact. And there are people, friends, lovers, who chose to stay awake, when the whole world decides to fall sleep. Street lights came alive in a studio, glowing as a headlight that shows how to stay alive in the everlasting nights. Follow the perspective of the photographer Mattia Guolo with his personal view of Night. Style by Cesar Valdivieso using some pieces from the winter 2017 collection of Antonio Marras. A natural beauty curated by Giorgia Faggi. See our friends interacting while engaged in a timeless late dance. Let’s meet Britt V @Elite, Cristian Grib @Elite and Alexiey @Wonderwall, living an endless night, holding out against the sleep, the sun, the upcoming day that is ready to be born; for they want to stay in that feeling of "today's not over yet".

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